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Mrs. Sara Dugan

Mrs. Sara, a notable OKC community member involved in several outreach and charitable organizations, was born in Pakistan but grew up in the United States. Mrs. Sara attended both the University of Karachi and the University of Central Oklahoma and has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Communication with a minor in Accounting. Notably, Mrs. Sara is also one of the three founders of 3 Women and a Table, and a frequent volunteer at both the Mercy Food Pantry and at the Surayya Anne Foundation in Oklahoma City. Mrs. Sara’s passion lies in helping families and children in need, which is evident in her commitment to helping refugees make a home in Oklahoma. Impressively, Mrs. Sara believes that the most important time of a child’s life is in their elementary years. With close collaboration alongside her OIA teammates and with her students’ parents, Mrs. Sara sees her role as supporting students at this crucial time as vital to help them achieve their very best. In addition to her love for math and helping children excel academically, Mrs. Sara also enjoys baking with her kids and nieces and nephews. Mrs. Sara loves being surrounded by children and creatively finds ways to keep them engaged and motivated through hands-on project-based activities.

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