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Job Satisfaction at Oklahoma Islamic Academy


Careers at OIA

Job Satisfaction & Team Spirit

OIA is seeks to hire qualified, hard-working individuals to join our already amazing team of educators.

Minimum Requirements for teachers:

Bachelor's Degree or higher

Teaching experience preferred

Strong English language speaking & writing skills

Familiar with Google workspace & basic computer skills

*OIA Employees are provided 7 paid sick days and 3 personal days per academic year.

Private insurance is available for OIA employees who wish to purchase it independently. Daycare costs are minimal.

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Employee Benefits at OIA: 

Paid vacations, summers, sick days & personal days.* 

Competitive rates available for private insurance*

Daycare for working OIA parents*

OIA boasts a friendly working environment with an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration between all staff members.

OIA employees enjoy job stability, career growth, and a comfortable work-life balance.

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Find out more today!

Click here to apply!

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Q: Do I have to be Muslim/follow the Islamic faith to work at OIA?

A: Absoultely not! OIA's team is a diverse and welcoming group of professional, caring & dedicated individuals! We embrace & celebrate our diversity!

Q: Do I have to wear any special attire or head wear if I work at OIA?

A: Absolutely not! Both our staff and students enjoy being uniform-free! We only request that modest, professional attire is worn. More information regarding dress code can be found in OIA's staff handbook.

Q: Will I feel different or out of place at OIA if I am not Muslim?

A: Absolutely not! What OIA does best is offer a most welcoming environment! You will become part of a larger family before you know it!

Q: Will I be required to pray or engage in any faith practices if I work at OIA?

A: No way! We respect every person's individual choice and beliefs. You are always welcome to join prayer or just watch, but would never be forced to! We believe that convictions are an individual's choice and could never be forced upon anyone.

Q: What about all the scary things I've heard about Muslims/Islam on television and in the media? Do I need to be concerned?

A: NO WAY! The unfortunate propaganda of media and news outlets couldn't be further from the truth. Muslims revere peace, sanctity, and individual freedoms & rights and completely forbid violence in any form. Muslims also believe in Christ's teachings and Islam's tenants are the same tenants of the Abrahamic faiths. Please come in and meet us! Let's break those barriers!

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