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As a school administrator with several years of experience in both the public and private sectors of education, I am honored to be a part of OIA, Oklahoma's first refined Islamic academy for the accelerated learner. Our team of dedicated, experienced, and educated professionals continues to pioneer a modern, 21st-century approach to Islamic Education. Owing to our innovative teaching approach; our team leaders proactively introduce new teaching strategies and methods to our classroom teachers. As a result, OIA's academic outcomes and its accelerated learning platform distinguish OIA from ordinary Islamic schools.


OIA approaches Islamic education with a contemporary mindset. Muslim American students now have access to both high-quality Islamic and secular education, no longer having to choose between the two. OIA's comprehensive approach prepares students for higher education in a college-preparatory setting, without having to sacrifice their faith. Over the years, I have carefully examined various Islamic models across the nation, and I am confident that OIA effectively mobilizes all successful components of a well-organized Islamic academy. With the lowest teacher-to-student ratio in any class/grade level, we focus on quality over quantity, a forgotten practice in the world of private education. We are trailblazing a fresh and much-needed design of faith-based education.

My philosophy has always been, "If it's not good enough for my child, then it is not good enough for your child." As a parent, I can attest to the multitude of benefits of the OIA platform, and I would love to be able to share the same experience with your family.


Suzan M. Khaimi, M.Ed



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