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Welcome to Oklahoma Islamic Academy

As a school administrator with several years of experience as both a public and private school teacher, I could not be more proud of Oklahoma Islamic Academy, Oklahoma's finest private Islamic School. This is a much-needed  type of Islamic school, offering  a modern, 21st century approach to Islamic Education. We take the best components of instructional methodologies and apply them to our successful learning environments . 

I decided that it was finally time to approach Islamic education with a 21st century mindset after listening to parents complain about the issues associated with conventional brick & mortar schools. I was also feeling the frustrations of parents who felt obligated to bring their children for additional lessons for Quran, Arabic, or Islamic studies after an already very long school day or on weekends, during the only family-time available to them. I felt an obligation to create a program that ultimately and comprehensively allowed Muslim students to meet their goals, without sacrificing their faith.

I have had the privilege to work with and observe different Islamic models across the nation, and I believe that at OIA, we have effectively mobilized all successful components of a well-organized Islamic school. With the lowest teacher to student ratio in any class/grade level, we can focus on quality.

My philosophy has always been, "If it's not good enough for my child, then it is not good enough for your child." I have seen the results with my own children, and can attest to the multitude of benefits of the OIA platform, and I would love to be able to share the same  experience with your family.

~Suzan Mahmoud Khaimi.

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