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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is OIA Accredited?

A: Absolutely! OIA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt organization that is both nationally and regionally accredited by both Cognia and the Oklahoma Private School Accreditation Commission. 

Q: How do I Enroll?

A: Please click here and follow the steps.

Q: How does OIA decide on admission?

A: Once a family fills out a prospective student form, OIA's admissions committee will contact you to set up a screening for your child. The admissions committee will base your child's acceptance on his/her age and grade and minimum qualifications. Please email the admissions committee at for more information regarding qualifications. 

Q: Can our family choose a half-day schedule?

A: No. OIA only has a full-day option for all grades.

Q: Does OIA offer before & after school care?

A: This is based on popular demand and OIA offers B&A care once enough families request and sign up for it. The cost changes annually. Please email or call 405-255-9015 for more information. 

Q: Do you accept students with special needs?

A: With limited private funding, OIA is unable to accept students with special needs, which typically require special education teachers, resource teachers, school nurses, school psychologists, and so on. This includes students with both physical and cognitive needs. 

Q: What if my child does not have any learning disabilities, but has a speech issue/receives speech therapy services? 

A: Such students are evaluated on a case by cased basis. 

Q: What do you mean by "Education for the Accelerated Learner?"

A: OIA students are expected to work at their fullest potential and maintain good grades, turn in all assignments, and be responsible from the very start. We do not expect every student to be an "A" student, but we do expect consistent, hard work each and every day. The typical OIA student is college-bound, academically-driven, and does not like to fail.

Q: What subjects do you teach?

A: OIA hosts an exceptionally strong academic curriculum for Math, Science, English-Language Arts and History & Geography. OIA students also take Arabic, Islamic Studies, Quran memorization and Quran reading daily. OIA students also have specials such as physical education, art, and anasheed. 

Q: What type of Arabic do you teach at OIA?

A: OIA's Arabic language teacher uses a combination of Modern Standard Arabic, the form of Arabic used for reading, writing, religion, news, and formal academic settings, and Levantine Arabic, the every-day spoken form of Arabic used in the Levant region. Even though they are used for different situations, both forms of Arabic still share the majority of the words.

Q: Do OIA teachers deliver instruction in Arabic, English, or a combination of both?

A: No. OIA teachers only deliver instruction in English. In fact, the majority of our teachers are non-Arab speakers. The only time a student receives instruction in Arabic is when they are in their Arabic language class, and even then, the teacher uses a combination of English and Arabic to help students develop their language & comprehension skills.

Q: What are the qualifications of your teachers?
A: The vast majority of OIA teachers have graduate
 degrees. The minimum qualification is a bachelor's degree with some teaching experience. Additionally, our team meets every summer, two weeks before students return, for intensive professional development that focuses on qualitative teaching in all subjects. OIA's professional development program is what sets us apart from the rest. We spend a considerable amount of time before the year begins, as well as during the year, in continuing professional development.


Q: How much is tuition at OIA?

A: Tuition information is found by using this link.


Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Discounts are offered on a case by case basis. If requested, a family seeking financial aid must fill out a financial aid form and submit their last two years of tax returns. Financial aid is not guaranteed and is extremely limited. A 5% sibling discount is also offered for families enrolling more than one child.


Q: Where is OIA located?

A: We are located at 2028 E. Memorial Rd. Edmond OK 73013.

Q: Does your campus take any safety precautions?

A: Absolutely! OIA's campus is completely fenced and gated and has 24 hour video & audio surveillance both inside and on the exterior premises. We also work closely with the Edmond Police Department who keep an extra eye on our facility. Student safety is our number one priority. Students are also never allowed to exit the campus without being signed-out by a designated parent or guardian. 


Q: Can I schedule a tour of your facility?

Of course, Insha'Allah! Our facility is uniquely situated in Edmond, rightly tagged "a place to grow." We would love to have you come in and have a first hand experience of our campus! Please call us on 405-255-9015 to schedule a visit. If you are interested in a tour for a prospective student, please click here.

Q: Does OIA require students to wear uniforms or girls to wear hijab?

A: No. We believe students learn best when they are most comfortable. Only a modest dress code is enforced. We also do not believe that anyone should have to wear hijab by force, as hijab is a personal conviction.

Q: Does my child have to attend daily prayer?

A: Yes. Daily prayer is actually part of the Islamic Studies curriculum whereby students learn the motions and words of the five daily prayers. 

Q: How is OIA any different than other Islamic schools?

A: OIA prides itself on attention to detail, community-building, maintaining high expectations, and knowing every single one of our students. Per our accreditation review, OIA is a model Islamic school. 

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