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Oklahoma Islamic Academy's Non-Disparagement Agreement

Any "person" forming any type of covenant with Oklahoma Islamic Academy "OIA" (including but not limited to the OIA parent, OIA student, family members of the OIA student, current OIA employee, former OIA employee, independent contractor or subcontractor in a legal agreement with OIA, or an OIA volunteer) agrees not to engage in any pattern of conduct that involves the making or publishing of written or oral statements or remarks (including, without limitation, the repetition or distribution of derogatory rumors, allegations, libel, slander, negative reports or comments) which are disparaging, deleterious or damaging to the integrity, prospects, reputation or good will of Oklahoma Islamic Academy, its management, or of management of corporations affiliated with Oklahoma Islamic Academy, during the term or after the termination or expiration of any mutual agreement or employment.

Such "person" hereby agrees not to defame or disparage any of OIA's entities or any of their respective officers, directors, members, partners or employees (collectively, the “Company Parties”), and to cooperate with the OIA upon reasonable request, in refuting any defamatory or disparaging remarks by any third party made in respect of any of the Company Parties. 

In the case of a current or former employee of OIA, said "person" shall not, directly or indirectly, make (or cause to be made) any comment or statement, oral or written, including, without limitation, in the media or to the press or to any individual or entity, that could reasonably be expected to adversely affect the reputation of any of the Company Parties or the conduct of its, his or their business. 

Such "person" agrees not to disparage or encourage or induce others to disparage Oklahoma Islamic Academy, any Affiliate, any of their respective employees or any of their respective past and present, partners, members, officers, directors, managers, employees, products or services (the “Company Parties”).  Said "person" acknowledges and agrees that they will not defame or criticize the services, business, integrity, veracity, or personal or professional reputation of OIA or any of its directors, officers, employees, affiliates, or agents of any of the foregoing in either a professional or personal manner either during or thereafter any type of relationship.

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